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(It's like Willy Wonka but with cool shit!)

It's all about the cool props right?! We even have inflatable props, 3D backdrops and booth enclosures to choose from. We have just the thing to add that special touch and can even make you a life size cut out of the host- so everyone is guaranteed a selfie!
let's start with party props, your booking comes complete with a 56 piece party pack BUT if you want to jazz it up a little you can choose from the below prop kits.
Party Prop Kits
* Hens or Bucks kit  * Engagement kit  * Just Married kit  * Mexican Fiesta kit  * Halloween kit  
* It's a Boy/Girl kit * Kids birthday party and Disney Kit  * Birthday party kit just tell us the age
* Inflatable kit (it's just cool)  * Great Gatsby kit  * Emoji kit (with the poo) *Superhero kit
* Pirate kit and many more, just ask us! We can even customer make you one and you get to keep the inflatable one's, they do make great gifts for the kids!
3D, Green screen Backdrops, Flower Walls And Booth Enclosures
OK, So you want a back drop? Our photo booths impose green screen backdrops for FREE so don't stress, you have plenty to choose from. We have that covered BUT if you want a 3D Backdrop or Booth Enclosure these come together as a package for only $100 and you can choose any of the below. Our Booth Enclosure's can be custom signed with your logo and have fancy LED lighting for that extra touch!
3D Backdrops
* Gold Sparkle  * White Wall  * Wooden Board * Halloween * Flower Wall  
* Pink Luxury * Disney Castle  * Xmas Snow * Brick Wall * Forest Of Dreams
* Xmas Stocking  * Silver Flash Bulb  * Bronze Wall * Snow Wonderland
* Custom Logo and many more, just ask us if you have a theme!
Free Green Screen Backdrops
Let's add the final touches!! 
We also offer Magnetic backing for your photo's because we all know the best home is the fridge! We offer 4ft or bigger cut out's of your host or a celebrity and a range of options such as;
* GIF's * Snapchat Filters (set up for you)
Just tell us what your after in the Booking Form and we will call you and make it happen!
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